LuxuryPunks NFTs

Only 10,000 LuxuryPunks + 48 Influencer Punks

There are only 10,000 LuxuryPunks, ever! Plus 48 influencer punks which may increase to 100 maximally.

Every Punk is Unique

The algorithm guarantees that every punk has a unique feature combination. However, the features appear with different levels of rarity. Ultra-rare features include crowns, round glasses, big afros for women, high hats, smoking pipe, brown coats, pink dresses, or light-beige backgrounds. Combinations of these properties increase the rarity of LuxuryPunks significantly (e.g., round glasses + golden background)!

Trade On OpenSea

All Luxury Punks will are available on OpenSea at a price of 0.025 ETH each (0.05 ETH for rares). Luxury Punks is integrated with the Billion Token’s ($BLL) rNFT NFT reflection system.

Ultra-Rare Influencer LuxuryPunks

A host of influencers are joining the luxury punk collection via their own punks. Each punk will only be available 6 times (one per background color). They will appear throughout the collection (Numbers 10,000+). Influencers include:

Buy Luxury Punks

All LuxuryPunks will be directly minted onto OpenSea. You can directly buy LuxuryPunks from the OpenSea website.

Buy Into The Whole Collection

By buying $BLL (Billion Token) you buy a stake of the whole Luxury Punks NFT collection. Why? Because all cash flows from the collection will directly be used for NFT reflections to $BLL holders as part of the Billion Token rNFT system (see:


Buy $BLL and buy into the whole collection.

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